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The Computer Science Club web page is being developed by Harshaka Perera, Nirosh Thangarajah, Scott Oros, and John Abplanalp, for use by the Computer Science Club at Mansfield University. It is implemented in PHP 4 programming language using a MySQL database.

The project began in January of 2002 and is expected to be finished by May 2002. When finished, it will provide the club with a message board for communication. The message board will have messages that can be filtered so that only certain groups or a certain individual can see the posting. It will also include administrator functions that will allow the administrator to filter messages, delete certain messages that may contain offensive language, add new user, delete existing user, and view and delete log information. This interface will also allow users to post codes just like text messages. The programming team is looking forward to implement new ideas that will reassure the CCC software tool.